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The Wahman Lab

Using the Ecological Systems (Bronfenbrenner, 1979) and Social Learning Theories (Bandura, 1971) as guiding frameworks, we approach our empirical research as justice-oriented (Wahman, Fettig, & Zimmerman, under review). That is, we understand that science and justice can co-occur using a “both-and” lens and we apply this approach to our applied research across school, home, and community contexts by:


  • learning about the context in which children and families thrive and using this knowledge to build intervention supports from the “bottom up”;

  • addressing confounding variables to fidelity of our treatment;

  • incorporating best practices in our social-emotional screening and assessment;

  • centering children and families’ voices in our social validity measures; and

  • examining racial/ethnic diversity in our research team composition

In our work, we strive to affirm children and their families through our interventions and outcomes. Hence, our motto:

May every child be treated with dignity

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