First Responder Alliance

As first responders, we support children and families when faced with preschool suspension and/or expulsion practices. We aim to keep children enrolled in child care centers and increase intervention access and educational opportunities for young children with behavioral concerns. We also aim to support caregivers who often feel isolated, overwhelmed, and shamed from use of these non-evidence-based practices. Our goal is to be the first point of contact, similarly to a first responder, when a caregiver receives a call from their child’s school about their behavior. As first responders, we can help you navigate how to keep your child enrolled in their center, access intervention supports for your child (if needed), and professional development/training/coaching for your child’s teacher. Our goal is to minimize the harm that can be done to families when their child is suspended or expelled from a child care center and to increase targeted supports for all stakeholders involved. The following questions can help you decide if you may benefit from our services: 


  • Are you the caregiver of a preschooler with behavioral concern who is enrolled in a child care center?

  • Has your child been asked to stay home for a few days, take a break from the child care center, or find another center to attend?

  • Does your child’s center call you at least 1-2 times a week about a behavior your child demonstrates they feel they cannot handle?

  • Do you feel your child could benefit from intervention supports that would address their social and emotional growth and development?

  • Do you feel your child’s teacher or center staff could benefit from supports on how to best support your child?

  • Do you feel you could benefit from having an advocate as you work to communicate with your child’s center?


If you have responded “yes” to any of the above questions, please email us at We will respond to your request for help within 24-48 hours.